As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Hinojosa secured increased funding for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, including first time funding for the new civil and industrial engineering program. Similarly, Senator Hinojosa obtained additional funds for Del Mar Community College. These investments in higher education will ensure our region has the skills and training necessary to keep building our economy.

As a member of both the Transportation and Texas Ports Select Committees, Senator Hinojosa is aware of the importance of upgrading infrastructure to continue our economic growth. He secured critical funding for the new Harbor Bridge project and he continues to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure its progress. When complete, the new Harbor Bridge will boost the economy by allowing for larger ships in the harbor, as well as improved ground transportation. Senator Hinojosa has also fought to secure port infrastructure funding to improve the movement of goods in and out of the ports. Further, he was instrumental in restoring air quality monitoring funds necessary to help ensure our port industries remain compliant.

Senator Hinojosa continues to help our region’s tourism industry by passing legislation to allow Corpus Christi to access the state’s Hotel Occupancy Tax for beach cleanup and obtaining funding for the Texas State Aquarium.

As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Hinojosa has secured funding for the DEAAG program. Since 2015, the three installations in the region have received $7 million from the program. This funding is critical to Corpus Christi which is home to the Corpus Christi Army Depot, the world’s largest military helicopter repair facility that accounts for over 6,000 jobs in the Coastal Bend and is also home to NAS Corpus Christi.

Like much of the Gulf Coast region, the Coastal Bend was greatly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Senator Hinojosa worked to craft legislation that will help our state recover from this historic storm, including $3.5 billion in state funds. These funds will be used for a wide variety of purposes that will benefit the Coastal Bend, ranging from coastal protections to repairs at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute.

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